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Parents, school officials and other institutions often have important questions regarding learning problems exhibited by some students. In an attempt to describe, understand, and remediate these learning difficulties, psycho-educational evaluations are often conducted at Counseling & Assessment Service. Dr. George M. Harper has over 28 years of experience in diagnosing learning problems and making recommendations for the remediation thereof. In a typical psycho-educational evaluation an assessment of the student’s various intellectual abilities is quite important not only to determine what can realistically be expected of the student, but also to better understand the various learning strengths and weaknesses with which the student engages the learning process. An intelligence test and possibly a battery of other cognitive assessments are administered to the student along with tests of academic achievement. Thus, a student’s actual success in learning basic academic skills can be measured against his/her learning potential (intelligence). Careful observations are made of the student’s behavior. The analysis of errors on the academic tests is especially important in order to detect patterns of errors, which may indicate the level at which the student’s learning is breaking down. All of this information is then used within the context of various learning theories in order to better understand the client’s academic problems. Specific recommendations are made which can be helpful in the remediation process. Such information is often quite useful to parents, tutors, and teachers who work directly with the student. Unfortunately, few health insurance companies cover psycho-educational or academic testing. Thus, the cost of such an evaluation is usually borne by the parents or occasionally, by a government agency (e.g., Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Area Education Agency). Nevertheless, comments from parents and others that have utilized this service indicate that such an evaluation is almost always quite helpful in the remediation process. Sometimes it is discovered that the student is eligible for an educational or clinical diagnosis, which may make him/her eligible for various services and resources.


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